The European Union - today and in the future Cover Image

Европейският съюз - днес и в бъдеще
The European Union - today and in the future

Author(s): Zahari Biserov
Subject(s): Security and defense, Geopolitics
Published by: Нов български университет
Keywords: geopolitics; subject of security; security systems; European Union; terrorist attacks; threats;
Summary/Abstract: Following the events in the last few years in Europe and the world and the behavior of the European Union in terms of geopolitics, some analysts are beginning to ask the following question: Ultimately, whose project is the European Union? After several terrorist acts in conditions of severe migrant wave, it becomes clear that the EU is in crisis. Moreover, this crisis is not security crisis only. There is a crisis in the vision of what EU will do with himself. Security breaches are breakthroughs in general in the idea of the European Union. In this context, we can summarize: EU countries in any case have the resources to conduct security policies, what they lack is the political will of the leadership of Europe to state as sovereign and subject of security.