Bulgarian responsibilities as an EU external border Cover Image

Отговорности на България като външна граница на Европейския съюз
Bulgarian responsibilities as an EU external border

Author(s): Zahari Biserov, Alexander Alexiev, Borislav Dinkov
Subject(s): Security and defense, Migration Studies
Published by: Нов български университет
Keywords: European Union; European Commission; Directorate "Border Police"; migrants; smugglers; border;border area;
Summary/Abstract: Considering the responsibilities of Bulgaria as an EU external border we must first ask the question: Does Bulgaria succeed to protect its own borders? Because its responsibility to the Union is not less than that which brings to itself and its people. The events of the past few months have shown clearly the position in which Bulgaria is situated. Bulgarian border, respectively EU border is unable to stop migration flows. Authorized Service Directorate "Border Police" shows weakness, lack of capacity and professionalism. The army had to come to the aid, which does not mean that the way the border protection was organized would stop the migrants. It turned out that another service the Ministry of Interior 570 has parade but not required capabilities. The fact that they have formed voluntary squads in the regions around the "groove", says it all.