Factor justification for the improvement of financial control Cover Image

Факторна обосновка за усъвършенстването на финансовия контрол
Factor justification for the improvement of financial control

Author(s): Evgeniy Stoyanov
Subject(s): Economy, Business Economy / Management, Accounting - Business Administration
Published by: Сдружение „Академия за иновации и устойчивост“
Keywords: control; analysis; environment
Summary/Abstract: The paper focuses on the environment in which financial control develops and improves. This broad and elastic in content term becomes logical specifics and in that connection decomposition of the environment inwards is realized. The analysis makes it possible to detect and identify as key ones those specific characteristics that determine the formation and structuring of financial control in its familiar look both in form and content. The aim of the exposition is to present the financial control as an element of the socio-economic system and as an appropriate and intellectual product of the conscious striving to improve the social processes.