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Play - a Philosophical and Literary Concept
Play - a Philosophical and Literary Concept

Author(s): Milena Z. Ćirić
Subject(s): Phenomenology, Hermeneutics
Keywords: Play; will to power; phenomenology; hermeneutics; fundamental phenomenon
Summary/Abstract: After many centuries of the strict reign of the rationality, philosophy of the late 19th and especially the 20th century has widen its range to include something that the ancient Greek philosophers would highly oppose to and that is play. This paper will try to show that since the revolutionary teachings of Friedrich Nietzsche and his concept will to power which presupposes creative play the scale has been shifted and traditional metaphysics no longer has a firm stronghold in philosophy. Moreover, the emergence of phenomenology and its focus on subjectivity created many pathways, and Eugen Fink considered play to be one of the founding phenomena and the essential mode in which the being exists in the world. That reflections have influenced contemplation about art and language, and when it comes to art, the role of play is, in Hans Georg Gadamer’s theory, crucial to the idea of mimesis and truth in art and literature.

  • Page Range: 59-68
  • Page Count: 10
  • Publication Year: 2016
  • Language: English