First World War and the Racism Cover Image

Az első világháború és a fajvédelem
First World War and the Racism

Author(s): József Vonyó
Subject(s): History of ideas, Political history, Pre-WW I & WW I (1900 -1919), Interwar Period (1920 - 1939)
Published by: Eötvös Loránd Tudományegyetem, Új-és Jelenkori Egyetemes Történeti Tanszék
Keywords: racisme; First World War; antisemitism; social thought; antiliberalism; strong central power; Gyula Gömbös; Endre Zsilinszky; Miklós Kozma;
Summary/Abstract: In the years after the First World War the racist group with the leadership of Gyula Gömbös played an important role in the Hungarian public life. The leaders of this group served as officers on the fronts and in the general staff of the army of the Austro – Hungarian Monarchy. The war experiences and other impacts influenced well their political programs and theories after 1919. This study presents the development of their policy program on the basis of the writings of Gyula Gömbös, Endre Zsilinszky and Miklós Kozma.

  • Page Range: 389-401
  • Page Count: 13
  • Publication Year: 2015
  • Language: Hungarian