Axiological dilemmas of the common music education Cover Image
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Dylematy aksjologiczne powszechnej edukacji muzycznej
Axiological dilemmas of the common music education

Author(s): Rafał Ciesielski
Subject(s): Education, Fine Arts / Performing Arts, Music
Published by: Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Śląskiego
Summary/Abstract: The essence of education is to show a quantum of knowledge and skills recognized by a given community as necessary in educating a young man. The criteria of determining its range and content are different for humanities and scientific disciplines. In the former case the scientifically verifiable topicality of the knowledge and its accordance with reality are the decisive factors. In the latter, it is the aesthetic-axiological cultural factor. The form of subjects referring to the artistic disciplines — literature, art or music — is the function of the adopted axiological perspective, while aesthetic education — in its deepest roots — is being axiologically oriented in a natural way: the axiological issues address it to the same extent (or even a greater one, as it shapes the future) as they address music education, performers, artistic criticism, editing publications, and lastly — everyday decisions of individuals.In the face of aesthetic and methodical abuses frequently found in music education it is necessary to devise such a way of approaching a work of music in which it is shown as a piece of work with a culturally determined genesis, aesthetic-musical context, artistic form and aesthetic influence.It seems that distancing the aesthetic perspective and further axiological relativizing is one of the primary causes of the crisis in music education: it fails to show the credible picture of music and, as a result, is unable to satisfy the aesthetic needs of the youth.

  • Page Range: 47-56
  • Page Count: 10
  • Publication Year: 2008
  • Language: Polish