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Нация, държава, право
Nationality, State, Law

The Bulgarian "Birth" In To the Italian Law Culture the Second Half of the XIX Century

Author(s): Antonio D'Alessandro
Contributor(s): Penka Danova (Translator)
Subject(s): History, Law, Constitution, Jurisprudence, Cultural history, International Law, Diplomatic history, Political history, Social history, Recent History (1900 till today), 19th Century, Pre-WW I & WW I (1900 -1919)
Published by: Издателска къща "Гутенберг"
Keywords: Law;State;Nation;History;Balkan history; XIX century; Italian law;Bulgarian history;
Summary/Abstract: In this article Antonio D'Alessandro will concern the Bulgarian country briefly after it's liberation and how it had affected the attention of some spheres of the Italian public opinion. The author is focused on the juridic culture and more concrete - the history of legal thought. D'Alessandro is following the events from XIX century that were taking place in southeastern Europe and he is trying to find out what is the influence that these events held over the Italian culture then.

  • Page Range: 30-44
  • Page Count: 15
  • Publication Year: 2012
  • Language: Bulgarian