Krstjani from Bosnia and Hum in Turkish sources Cover Image
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Bosansko-humski krstjani u turskim vrelima (napomene)
Krstjani from Bosnia and Hum in Turkish sources

Author(s): Nenad Maočanin
Subject(s): Christian Theology and Religion, History, Ethnohistory, Political history, Social history, Middle Ages, Theology and Religion, Islam studies, 15th Century
Published by: Institut za istoriju
Summary/Abstract: By the mid-16th century half of the Bosnian population converted to Islam. The interest for joining the Ottoman war machine that numerous groups within the population exhibited and the rise of new types of towns can, to a certain extent, enable the deciphering of this phenomenon. However, social, economic and financial elements are of even greater importance. Recently, it has been found that, even after the conquest, many slaves were taken from Bosnia to the Empire’s hinterland and this factor of insecurity could have instigated the convergence (this will be dealt with later). On the doctrinal level, specific affinities between krstjani and Islam could not have existed.

  • Page Range: 407-412
  • Page Count: 6
  • Publication Year: 2005
  • Language: Croatian