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Pazarlama Sosyolojisi
Marketing Sociology

Author(s): Bilal Ceylan, Fatma Bulut, Duygu Ceylan
Subject(s): Social Sciences, Sociology, Marketing / Advertising, Socio-Economic Research
Published by: Özgür Yayın Dağıtım Ltd. Şti.
Keywords: Marketing; Sociology; marketing science;
Summary/Abstract: When marketing is evaluated as a science, although it appears as a very young science whose history is not very old, in fact, marketing activities have a history as long as the existence of humanity. For this reason, it is necessary to evaluate the marketing science from different aspects in the process of existence and reaching its foundation. If these conditions are successful, marketing science will become more understandable and acceptable to other sciences. The aim of this study is to reveal the interactions between sociology, which is one of the oldest social sciences, and marketing sciences, which is considered a very young science. Marketing, which is accepted as an applied social science, benefits greatly from the studies and outputs of sociology, which is accepted as a basic social science at a high rate. The interaction between the two sciences extends to the scope, theories, methods and techniques of marketing science. Therefore, we can say that the synthesis that marketing science tries to reveal, the contributions of sociology to marketing science and the sociological dimension of the consumption phenomenon constitute the basis of the thought that the study tries to explain.

  • Page Range: 21-39
  • Page Count: 19
  • Publication Year: 2023
  • Language: Turkish