Human resource management in the field of security – challenges in a society focused on innovation and sustainable development Cover Image

Управление на човешките ресурси в сферата на сигурността – предизвикателства в общество, насочено към иновации и устойчиво развитие
Human resource management in the field of security – challenges in a society focused on innovation and sustainable development

Author(s): Emil Stoilkov
Subject(s): Politics / Political Sciences, Politics, Economy, Essay|Book Review |Scientific Life, Business Economy / Management, Security and defense, Conference Report, ICT Information and Communications Technologies
Published by: Висше училище по сигурност и икономика (ВУСИ)
Keywords: Chief Directorate „Security“; „Security“ sector; human resource management; motivation; artificial intelligence; innovation
Summary/Abstract: „Human resources“ is the most important „asset“ that an organization can possess. Effective human resource management is based on the understanding that people are a key factor in any organization's competitive advantage. Building relationships based on values such as honesty, justice, and trust, is an element of the new management culture of the administration, aimed at the individual, the teamwork, and the performance of the tasks. It requires leaders who have high morals, values, and behaviors that match the stated values of the administration, who understand the significant impact of improving the management, and who work to improve the human resource system to achieve better results. For organizations to survive and prosper in a dynamically changing environment, they must rely on their employees – their skills and abilities, as well as their efforts and willingness to put their energy into the workplace. If organizations are unable to motivate their employees, make them engaged, make them feel part of a larger whole and give meaning to their work lives, they are doomed to failure. The ability to motivate people and guide their work behavior in accordance with the organization's goals and aims is a key to the success and prosperity of any organization, both in the private and public sectors. That is why for a force organization such as the Chief Directorate „Security“ of the Ministry of Justice, which needs highly qualified, reliable, and dedicated employees, it is of particular importance and significance to apply motivational techniques and develop suitable motivational methods for its composition. To be effective, they should not be copied by other organizations from the public sphere, but it is necessary methods of motivation, oriented specifically to the needs of the employees of the directorate to be developed and adapted to its resources. They must be introduced and conducted systematically according to a plan to prevent resource wastage or staff overload. The topics related to human resource management in the „Security“ sector are poorly developed in the literature in Bulgaria and there is to be seen a scientific vacuum in the direction of good practices. In today's rapidly changing, dynamic environment, 20th century approaches are no longer effective, efficient, and economically justifiable. This issue is subject to in-depth study, research, and the proposal of new modern approaches to human resource management, so that they are not only at the center of theoretical debates, but also in the practice of managers of the structures from the Security sector.