To Patocka’s Reflection of Pedagogical Ideas by J. A. Comenius Cover Image

K Patočkově reflexi pedagogických myšlenek J. A. Komenského
To Patocka’s Reflection of Pedagogical Ideas by J. A. Comenius

Author(s): Radim Štěrba
Subject(s): Contemporary Philosophy, Pedagogy
Published by: Masarykova univerzita nakladatelství
Keywords: labyrinth; paradise of the heart; pansophia; conversion; open soul; pedagogy of turnover;
Summary/Abstract: The article seeks to outline Patocka’s contribution to the interpretation of Comenius pedagogical legacy, especially in connection with contemporary issues concerning the further direction of pedagogy as a theory of education. Here, on the basis of content analysis of the selected Patocka’s texts devoted to Comenius’s pedagogical ideas, the article brings a new perspective on Patocka’s concept of openness of the soul and so-called pedagogy of turnover as inspiration for next development of pedagogical ideas. In individual parts, it gradually analyzes the main Patocka’s texts of comeniology, and notes the problems faced by Comenius and Patocka in connection with the realization of the concept of openness of the soul. It emphasizes the importance of a fundamental change in attitudes based on the harmonization of individual aspects of human personality, a comprehensive approach to the human being through education. The paper concludes on the necessity of an authentic conversion to the open soul, a deep internal transformation towards real humanity, which can now be one of the few possibilities to escape from the crisis of today’s society.

  • Page Range: 146-159
  • Page Count: 14
  • Publication Year: 2018
  • Language: Czech