LABLASS – a Web-Based System for the Study of Word Associations Cover Image

LABLASS – уеббазирана система за проучване на словесните асоциации
LABLASS – a Web-Based System for the Study of Word Associations

Author(s): Velka Popova, Dimitar Popov, Stanimir Zhelezov, Krasimir Kordov
Subject(s): Language studies, Language and Literature Studies, Theoretical Linguistics, Applied Linguistics, Computational linguistics
Published by: Институт за български език „Проф. Любомир Андрейчин“, Българска академия на науките
Keywords: web-based system; word associations; associative dictionaries; Bulgarian language
Summary/Abstract: The article discusses the features of LABLASS – the first Bulgarian web-based system, and its humble contribution to the field of associative lexicography. The system, which is used for research on verbal associations, makes use of some of the most common technologies – MySQL Database, PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS. The article offers a schematic presentation of the LABLASS model, its main modules, and the users’ options for working with it. There is also a graphic representation of its interface. At this stage of its development, only a pilot version of the LABLASS system is available to users, and it is periodically updated. However, its technical capabilities are not limited to the inclusion of ready-made lexicographical sources, but also allow for the creation of new dictionaries, and visualization and comparison of data from different dictionaries. As an example, a brief preview of the collections of associative data entered in LABLASS is provided.