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Петър Увалиев: безграничното слово
Petar Uvaliev: the boundless word

Author(s): Kamelia Zhabilova
Subject(s): Philosophy, Philosophy of Language, Cultural Essay
Published by: Axia Academic Publishers
Keywords: Petar Uvaliev; boundless word; emigrant speech; a-topos
Summary/Abstract: The article examines the main topos of the "boundless word", typical of the "emigrant speech" of Peter Uvaliev - this speech that makes him feel "a real Bulgarian", although outside the borders of Bulgaria. Particular attention is paid to his monograph about the art of Turner, whose paintings demonstrate the possibilities of structural analysis. In them he finds a kind of a-topos, i.e., a space without space, but also something more as there is a "structure" in this a-topos that is neither an objective nor a tangible reality.

  • Page Range: 247-262
  • Page Count: 16
  • Publication Year: 2021
  • Language: Bulgarian