Art history – a discipline between philosophy and science Cover Image
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Изкуствознанието като философия и наука
Art history – a discipline between philosophy and science

Author(s): Galina Dekova
Subject(s): Philosophy, Aesthetics
Published by: Axia Academic Publishers
Keywords: art history; philosophy of art; methodology; style
Summary/Abstract: The article traces the development of art history as a discipline that operates on the border between the scientific and the subjective attitude to art. Today, with the term “art” we also indicate a field of syncretism and intersections with many levels of presence and realization in society. The theory of art has accumulated a huge amount of source material and the need for systematization is becoming increasingly apparent. The main trends of the early twentieth century as formalism, the history of the spirit, methods such as iconology and iconography have received a new reading at the intersection with critical theory. Thus, the tone in this discipline, born of the German philosophical tradition, is already set mainly by authors from overseas. The situation is defined as post-postmodern and the attention is focused mainly on the crisis of art history as an independent scientific discipline, caused by a reluctance to understand the real contradictions embedded in it.

  • Page Range: 231-258
  • Page Count: 28
  • Publication Year: 2022
  • Language: Bulgarian