Model for Assessing the Influence of People on the Organizational Culture in the Supply Chain Cover Image

Модел за оценка влиянието на хората върху организационната култура във веригата на доставки
Model for Assessing the Influence of People on the Organizational Culture in the Supply Chain

Author(s): Georgi Kondev, Irena Mihaylova
Subject(s): Economy, Human Resources in Economy, Transport / Logistics
Published by: Университет за национално и световно стопанство (УНСС)
Keywords: management model; creativity and innovation; organizational culture; partnership; sustainable development
Summary/Abstract: Changes in the current dynamic economic environment are associated with strong competition between organizations from different sectors of the national and global economy. Therefore, they are forced to quickly look for innovative opportunities to optimize the business processes they use in order to increase their efficiency, productivity and sustainability. The realization of rapid improvements is especially important for small and medium-sized organizations that do not have sufficient financial resources to survive and develop in the continued economic, social and health crisis. One of the most important areas that influences organizational culture are the people in an organization. Their impact on the deployment of necessary changes in the organizational culture, which leads to rapid adaptation to the uncertain environment is key. That is why people as part of the stakeholders in a supply chain are increasingly seen as a fundamental competitive advantage. The study itself aims to present a basic framework for cooperation that highlights the opportunities for people to use their knowledge and skills on the continuous improvement of key operations in the supply chain. It is the changes in the organizational culture made by people that are the paradigm that carries out the integration of supply chains at both the logistical (tactical) and technological (strategic) level of management.