Supply Chain Quality Management at Logistics Service Providers Cover Image

Управление на качеството във веригата на доставките при доставчиците на логистични услуги
Supply Chain Quality Management at Logistics Service Providers

Author(s): Maria Vodenicharova, Kaloyan Bankov
Subject(s): Economy, Transport / Logistics
Published by: Университет за национално и световно стопанство (УНСС)
Keywords: quality management; supply chain; supply chain management; logistics service provider
Summary/Abstract: Quality can have a number of dimensions, but it cannot exist on its own – it is usually part of the product and/or service. Most often, the consumer perceives the level of quality by evaluating one or more of its dimensions. The concept of quality in this report is considered as part of the consumer value, which is typical in the provision of logistics services. When a logistics service provider organization manages the supply chain to its customers, it is important not only to deliver the product to the consumer in the appropriate quality manages all movement and storage of raw materials, offers appropriate IT capabilities and customizes the solutions it offers. It is a challenge for logistics service providers to offer their customers quality supply chain management. The aim of the report is to present the essence of quality management in supply chains, as a link between traditional supply chain operations and quality management. Comparison methods and affinity diagram were used, which reveals the relationship between quality management in the supply chain (ATM) and supply chain (ATM), supply chain management (ATM) and quality management (AQ). The case study method was used for in-depth examination of an organization that offers supply chain management solutions.