Feminization of the medical profession in Poland Cover Image
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Feminizacja zawodu lekarza w Polsce
Feminization of the medical profession in Poland

Author(s): Halina Kulik
Subject(s): Sociology
Published by: Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Śląskiego
Keywords: medical profession; feminization
Summary/Abstract: A woman has been connected with health service since the dawn of history. However,it was not until the second part of XIX th century that, with a wave of emancipation,women started to overcome discrimination and obtained access to medical departmentsat uniwersities.Their constant attempts to achieve the right to study medicine and do the job ofa doctor met with general disapproval and reluctance of majority of conserwative society,academic professors and some women.In the modern history, the first woman to obtain the doctor diploma, in 1851, wasAmerican — dr E. Blackvell (1821—1910).In Europe, Switzerland was the first country which, in 1864, enabled woman to domedical studies. It was there that the first Polish woman — dr A. Tomaszewiczówna(1854—1918), obtained, in 1878 the doctor diploma. The tradition of female medicalstudies at Polish universities dates back to lees than one century ago. These times, however,appear to be very distant. Nowadays it is a feminine occupation, 55% of it beingwoman.