The Social Bonds In Virtual Space — Based On Online Forum Cover Image
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Więzi społeczne w społeczności wirtualnej — przykład internetowego forum
The Social Bonds In Virtual Space — Based On Online Forum

Author(s): Emilia Zimnica-Kuzioła
Subject(s): Sociology
Published by: Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Śląskiego
Keywords: irtual community; social bonds; Internet forum
Summary/Abstract: The aim of the article is to present a reflection on specificity of the social bondsinitiated in virtual space.The subject of author’s interest is an Internet forum gathering competitors and viewersof TV quiz show Name that tune (Jaka to melodia). The most active members of theforum meet regularly in a real world, in this way they tighten the interpersonal ties. Inthis virtual community there is no full anonymity (acorporeality, as Mark Smith wouldput it), many participants know each other from the TV screen. Its main characteristicis the equalization of the members’ social status — their education, practised profession,financial position and social background are of no importance here (astigmatic inMark Smith’s terminology). The process of communication is also aspatial, because peopleinvolved in communication can be far away from each other and interactions do notdepend on the place of residence. Another feature is a possibility of synchronous andasynchronous communication.Forum — defined by the author as webtribe, constitutes a group in a sociologicalsense, although it has got a loose structure and low degree of social organization. Itsbinding agent is an awareness of mutual interests, common problems and aspirations(objective, subjective and behavioural bond).