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Kapitał relacyjny jako nowa forma więzi społecznej w zarządzaniu firmą
Relational Capital as a New Form of Social Bond in Corporate Management

Author(s): Lesław H. Haber
Subject(s): Sociology
Published by: Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Śląskiego
Keywords: social bond; procedural bond; interpersonal bond; formal structures; informal structures; relational capital; relational capital structure; integration
Summary/Abstract: The author of this paper concentrates on the relationships that occur between thesociological concept of social bond and the new category of relational capital, developedin the management science. When analysing the origin and mechanisms of such relationships,the author refers to the pioneer of the Silesian School of Sociology, WładysławJacher, who authored the conception and specific research proposals associated with theshaping of integration and social bonds among the residents of the Upper Silesia. The authorof the paper stressed the analogy found in the defining parameters and applicationproperties which occur between the social bond, especially its varieties: procedural andinterpersonal bonds, and the relational capital conception. That analysis was conductedin reference to the corporate management system applied in a small and medium‑sizedcompany sector. The whole paper is dedicated to those considerations.