Counter‑Ideology of Labour as a Factor of Social Disintegration Cover Image
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Kontrideologia pracy jako czynnik dezintegracji społecznej
Counter‑Ideology of Labour as a Factor of Social Disintegration

Author(s): Danuta Walczak-Duraj
Subject(s): Sociology
Published by: Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Śląskiego
Keywords: labour ideology; counter‑ideology of labour; labour’s ethic; crisis; social disorganization
Summary/Abstract: The leading subject of considerations concerns the basic mechanisms, processes andphenomena that generating process of the emergence of counter‑ideologyof labour. Particularattention was paid to two types of counter‑ideologyof labour, namely: extortedinstrumentalization of attitudes towards labour and extorted autotelism of these attitudes.The emergence of counter‑ideology of labour leads not only to fragmentalization,individualization, dispersion and inconsistency of labour’s ethos in Poland, but also todisperse, diversify and weaken the potential of social capital and social disintegrationat multiple levels of the social structure. Reasonable, therefore, the question becomes,what can be further consequences of the dual relationship to work, to a large extent thesituation of forced labour and the whole social context.