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Resocijalizacija maloljetnih prestupnika
Resocialization of juvenile criminals

Author(s): Nebojša Macanović
Subject(s): Social Sciences, Law, Constitution, Jurisprudence, Criminal Law, Sociology, Criminology, Studies in violence and power, Penology
Keywords: juvenile criminality;BiH;socialization;
Summary/Abstract: As parents, we often ignore the many problems that adolescents face, believing that it always happens to other children, and that it will never happen to us. Unfortunately, today we are increasingly dealing with the consequences of such problems. That is why identifying a problem is as important as solving it. One of the raising problems of Bosnian society is the delinquent behavior of young people, which is becoming a symbol of growing up in a dysfunctional society, and a subculture that is increasingly accepted by young people. Violent behavior, criminal acts, the need to be in the company of older criminals, drugs and alcohol consumption, dropping out of regular schooling are just some of the accompanying phenomena of delinquent behavior of young people. The disturbed value system and the anomie of society create ideal conditions for the development of behavioral disorders of children and young people. Juvenile delinquency is a phenomenon that is the result of inadequate socialization, upbringing and growing up conditions of the child. However, when it happens, it is necessary to apply the most effective educational measures in order to suppress and correct such behavior. In some situations when certain procedures and educational measures did not give positive results or when serious criminal offenses were committed, juveniles are sent to a correctional facility and juvenile prison. Such institutions seek to resocialize juvenile offenders, to change their criminal attitudes and behavior, build an acceptable value system, complete primary education and vocational training, as well as build work habits and develop certain competencies and social skills.This scientific monograph represents the desire of the author with rich experience in working with juvenile delinquents to transfer his knowledge to students who are being educated for one of the helping professions. The book gives a scientific perception of how to re-educate minors, and what are the procedures and stages in working with them. This book is actually, to a large extent, a combination of pedagogy and law, but also of numerous other social sciences that deal with this issue. In addition to the legal framework on criminal sanctions imposed on juveniles, a pedagogical overview of the role and importance of re-educational treatment on which the success of re-socialization of juveniles depends is given.

  • Print-ISBN-13: 978-99976-934-0-2
  • Page Count: 139
  • Publication Year: 2021
  • Language: Serbian