КОНТИНЕНТ / CONTINENT East-West-Forum – Issue 1986 / 36 Cover Image
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KONTINENT / КОНТИНЕНТ – Ost-West-Forum – Ausgabe 1986 / 36
КОНТИНЕНТ / CONTINENT East-West-Forum – Issue 1986 / 36

Author(s): Oleg Alifanov, Helmut Dahm, Milovan Đilas, Viktor Kagan, Krzysztof Kruk, Walter Laqueur, Herbert Tomáš Mandl, Christoph Pfister, Norman Podhoretz, Andrei Dmitrievich Sakharov, David Satter, Nadja Switlytschna
Subject(s): Literary Texts, Studies of Literature, Civil Society
Published by: CEEOL Collections / Digital Reproductions
Summary/Abstract: To all doctors in the world. Appeal in defense of Anatoly Koryagins // NORMAN PODHORETZ: The terrible question of Alexander Solzhenitsyns // WALTER LAQUEUR: Politics and colloquial language // MILOVAN DJILAS: Albanian idiosyncrasies // KRZYSZTOF KRUK: Hopelessness as a tool of propaganda // DAVID SATTER: Between ignorance and adaptation. On the work of western correspondents in the USSR // HELMUT DAHM: The ideology as a code of politics (Part II) // CHRISTOPH PFISTER: “Legitimate” means of foreign policy. The KGB in the history and politics of the Soviet Union // Different from Poland. Interview with WASSILIJ SEMJONOW // VIKTOR KAGAN: Little stories // HERBERT TOMÁŠ MANDL: From excerpt to expert. Story // Polish Poetry // NADJA SWITLYTSCHNA: Wassyl Stus - Obituary for a civil rights activist // OLEG ALIFANOW: When the truth has no more advocates. Open letter to the Central Committee of the CPSU // ANDREJ SACHAROW: In defense of Elena Bonner

  • Page Count: 120
  • Publication Year: 1986
  • Language: German