КОНТИНЕНТ / CONTINENT East-West-Forum – Issue 1979 / 11 Cover Image
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KONTINENT / КОНТИНЕНТ – Ost-West-Forum – Ausgabe 1979 / 11
КОНТИНЕНТ / CONTINENT East-West-Forum – Issue 1979 / 11

Author(s): Elena Andronowa, Sh. An-Sḳi, Natal’ja Jevgen’jevna Gorbanevskaja, Michail Kasatschkow, Michasʹ Ihnatavič Kukabaka,, Wolfgang Leonhard, Kurt Marko, Viktor Nekrasov, Andrey Valentinovich Sakharov, Isaac Bashevis Singer , Aleksandr Solženicyn
Subject(s): Literary Texts, Civil Society, Post-War period (1950 - 1989), History of Communism
Published by: CEEOL Collections / Digital Reproductions
Summary/Abstract: Andrei Sakharov — What we all have in common. The human rights movement in the Soviet Union and in Eastern Europe. Their goals, their importance, their difficulties. // And the truth will set us free. An interview by the BBC with Alexander Solzhenitsyn // Wolfgang Leonhard — Eurocommunism: an important process of change // Kurt Marko — Pile of broken pieces of "Euro" Communism? // Viktor Nekrasow — On this side of the wall // »We all need to be rooted«. An interview with Isaac Bashevis Singer // Anna Wierzbicka — On the work of I. B. Singer // Michail Kasatschkow — Is the Soviet Union threatened with a war in the East? // Natalja Gorbanewskaja — poems // GULag archipelago today. A letter from Sosnovka. With a foreword by Andrej Sacharow // Elena Andronowa — Four days in the Egorevskaya. On and about the trial of Professor Orlow // Michail Kukobaka — Stolen Homeland // The Moscow Helsinki Group to the Polish Committee for Social Self-Defense (KSS-KOR) // Three letters from An-sky

  • Page Count: 206
  • Publication Year: 1979
  • Language: German