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Introduction to EU Law: Revision Guide
Introduction to EU Law: Revision Guide

Author(s): Özgür Heval Çınar
Subject(s): Politics / Political Sciences, Politics, Law, Constitution, Jurisprudence, History of Law, Constitutional Law, Criminal Law, Civil Law, International Law, Human Rights and Humanitarian Law, Law and Transitional Justice, Law on Economics, EU-Accession / EU-DEvelopment, Philosophy of Law, EU-Legislation, Sociology of Law, Commercial Law, Court case
Published by: Transnational Press London
Keywords: Bar exam; Dr Özgür Heval Çınar; EU Law; EU treaties; Law students; national courts; Revision Guide; Solicitors Qualifying Examination; Study Guide;
Summary/Abstract: The real reason for the emergence of this book is that it is hard to find resources to explain complex issues of the EU Law in plain language, which makes it very difficult for those taking an interest, in particular law students. Moreover, many years of teaching experience in this subject and seeing students experience difficulties is the key driver behind this book. This book does not repeat material that is available in many textbooks that are in print. Rather, it endeavours to present every topic in plain language and concludes every chapter with a fictitious explanatory sample case. In other words, it is an introduction to the subject of EU Law, the objective of which is to explain the topic both theoretically and in its application dimension. Additionally, this book will assist students to prepare for examinations. At the end of the book there is also a test that summarizes all the subjects contained in the book, which is appropriate to the first stage SQE (Solicitors Qualifying Examination) examination model that will be introduced in September 2021.

  • E-ISBN-13: 978-1-912997-93-0
  • Print-ISBN-13: 978-1-80135-029-7
  • Page Count: 122
  • Publication Year: 2021
  • Language: English
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