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Socijalno neprilagođeno ponašanje djece i adolescenata
Socially maladapted behavior of children and adolescents

Author(s): Nebojša Macanović
Subject(s): Social Sciences, Psychology, Sociology, Social psychology and group interaction, Personality Psychology, Family and social welfare
Keywords: juvenile delinquency; behavioral disorders; peer violence; cyberbullying;
Summary/Abstract: The book entitled "Socially maladapted behavior of children and adolescents" stemmed from the author's desire to present in one place the most indicative forms of socially maladapted behavior of children and youth, and present them as they occur in certain stages of growing up. We have supported all forms of socially maladapted behavior with numerous examples and newspaper articles in order to present this social problem as objectively as possible. The content of this book is actually an introduction to the field of social pedagogy. Although we have dealt with numerous forms of socially maladapted behavior, we have focused on socially maladapted behavior of preschool children, peer violence, electronic violence (cyberbulling), and juvenile delinquency. These four forms of inappropriate behavior are certainly the most risky and the most recognizable in the media, in this time we live in. Considering numerous classifications of behavioral disorders, there would certainly be some criticism from the scientific aspect, due to the choice of these topics, but from the aspect of social pedagogy and its subject of study, we believe that these topics are the burning problem of our society when it comes to socialization and healthy growth. We believe that it is especially important to present and analyze these deviant phenomena at children and young people in one place, in order to actualize behavioral disorders and see the consequences they cause. For preschool children, it is evident that there are numerous indicators that indicate socially maladapted behavior of children at that early age. Therefore, it is very important to identify such behavior by preschool children and provide adequate professional assistance, so as not to lead to more serious consequences and disorders in the later development of personality and social behavior.

  • Print-ISBN-13: 978-99976-761-8-4
  • Page Count: 179
  • Publication Year: 2020
  • Language: Bosnian