The Importance of Modern Technologies for the Competitiveness of Warehouse Companies Cover Image
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Znaczenie nowoczesnych technologii dla konkurencyjności przedsiębiorstw prowadzących gospodarkę magazynową
The Importance of Modern Technologies for the Competitiveness of Warehouse Companies

Author(s): Justyna Bogołębska, Mateusz Bogołębski
Subject(s): Economy, Business Economy / Management, Transport / Logistics
Published by: Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Łódzkiego
Keywords: Business Investment; Modern Technologies; Warehousing Services
Summary/Abstract: Nowadays, modern technologies are an important element supporting the development of companies. Businesses are interested in implementing solutions which increase the efficiency of operation and improve the quality of services rendered. The practical application of technologies creates new opportunities for companies to achieve a competitive advantage. Therefore, the use of technologies leads to increasing the profitability of operations. The research undertaken by the authors is particularly fitting in this time of rapid development and dynamic changes in logistical processes. The monograph tackles the problem of appropriate selection of logistical tools and offers ways of solving it. A steady rise of consumer expectations, fierce competition, a constant need to find new markets for products and services — these are only some of the challenges which businesses face on a daily basis. Modern technologies are a particularly important tool facilitating the functioning of companies where many complex operations are conducted. Warehouse management and the relevant storage of goods require the realization of a series of processes supported by various technological solutions. They introduce automation in the company operations and, as a result, gradually replace manual tasks. New technologies and the achievable growth in competitiveness resulting from their implementation constitute a significant area of interest for companies and researchers alike. Warehouse management companies seek practical solutions which will be effective in their operations. The monograph is an answer to the market needs defined above. Raising the subject is justified by the interest of companies in implementing modern technologies which create an opportunity to gain measurable benefits. The main purpose of the monograph is to identify the mechanisms which determine the impact of modern technologies on increasing the competitiveness of warehouse management companies.

  • E-ISBN-13: 978-83-8142-831-6
  • Print-ISBN-13: 978-83-8142-830-9
  • Page Count: 180
  • Publication Year: 2020
  • Language: Polish