Constantinople from the Origins to the Present Day Cover Image
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Constantinople depuis les origines jusqu’à nos jours
Constantinople from the Origins to the Present Day

Author(s): Georges Young
Subject(s): History, Local History / Microhistory
Published by: CEEOL Collections / Digital Reproductions
Keywords: Yildiz; Abdul Hamid; Phanar;
Summary/Abstract: Young, and this is not the least of his merits, emphasizes the role of economic factors in history. In the clan struggles, the Crusades, the conflict between Turks and Greeks, he distinguishes an economic background which gives a singular force to his argument. // A very important place is reserved in the book for the contemporary history of the city and, more generally, of Turkey. And there, Georges Young ceases to be only a historian to retrace for us a number of personal memories which make this part of his book very engaging. // Finally, a great idea dominates his work. Constantinople, a Christian city, will become Christian again one day. The phenomena that others present as signs of decline are, on the contrary, for Young only symptoms of national renaissance. Not that he despises the Turks! Far from there. But the Turks, in his view, were never in their place in Constantinople. Mustapha Kemal understood it well who transferred the capital of the Turkish Republic to Ankara. And it was in the face of this beginning of a solution to the 'old Question of the Orient that Georges Young made the reader take leave of Constantinople. (the editor)

  • Page Count: 320
  • Publication Year: 1948
  • Language: French