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Ekspresja ruchu – ciało – kreacja – komunikat
The expression of movement - body - creation - message

Contributor(s): Małgorzata Łączyk (Editor), Aleksandra Pyrzyk-Kuta (Editor)
Subject(s): Social Sciences, Education, Communication studies
Published by: Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Śląskiego
Keywords: body; embodiment; movement awareness; creativity; self-creation; art therapy/ music therapy
Summary/Abstract: The study ‘The expression of movement - body - creation - message’ is an interdisciplinary theoretical-empirical study focused on the presence and significance of the body and corporealness in culture, education and therapy. It includes considerations pioneered by the issue of the body understood as a medium that enables self-discovery, self-creation, renewing of potentials and creative forces. The carried out analyses and reflections on the body indicate that it can be affected by experiences, emotions and sensory experiences induced by music and sound. It is a tool of expression of movement and an object that gives life to new artistic forms. The body is a space of emotional messages, which reflects the attitude towards oneself and also encodes information about the surrounding world.The publication may be interesting and a source of inspiration to people from the circles of humanistic and social sciences, in particular, culture experts, psychologists, educators and teachers aspiring to unlock the creative potential of the body and non-verbal message.

  • E-ISBN-13: 978-83-226-3022-8
  • Print-ISBN-13: 978-83-226-3021-1
  • Page Count: 200
  • Publication Year: 2016
  • Language: Polish