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Egy székely két élete
Two lives of a Secler

Jakab Kövendi Székely’s career

Author(s): Bence Péterfi
Subject(s): History, Military history, 15th Century
ISSN: 2064-518x
Published by: Virágmandula Kft. - Kronosz Kiadó
Keywords: Medieval Kingdom of Hungary; Hunyadi family; Matthias I; Holy Roman emperor;Habsburgs;
Summary/Abstract: How many people living in the medieval Kingdom of Hungary could be said for sure that they regularly visited the Holy Roman Empire, had substantial estates there, were frequent visitors at the Holy Roman emperor’s court and fought against the French in Northern Italy? Of course, not many. However, the hero of this book, Jakab Kövendi Székely did all these for certain. Was he really a relative of the Hunyadi family? Is that why King Matthias took notice of him and showered him influential positions? Why did he, nevertheless, opt for the Habsburgs following the death of Matthias I instead of his son, John Corvinus, and why did he remain their faithful supporter? How did he manage to preserve and later even increase his fortune and his network of relations built up in the Hungarian king’s service? Jakab Kövendi Székely’s eventful career raise several questions. The author, in an effort to answer them, guides the Reader to special places, among them to Aranyosszék, to the Carinthian-Styrian theatre of war of the 1480s or to the world of the nobles living along the Austrian-Hungarian border.

  • Print-ISBN-13: 978-615-5497-09-4
  • Page Count: 168
  • Publication Year: 2014
  • Language: Hungarian