War crimes in Čajniče – verdicts Cover Image

Ratni zločini u Čajniču – presude
War crimes in Čajniče – verdicts

Author(s): Emza Fazlić
Contributor(s): Edvin Kanka Ćudić (Editor)
Subject(s): Criminal Law, International Law, Law and Transitional Justice, Local History / Microhistory, Military history, Studies in violence and power, Transformation Period (1990 - 2010), Peace and Conflict Studies, Court case
Published by: Udruženje za društvena istraživanja i komunikacije (UDIK)
Keywords: Čajniče; war crimes; Mass graves; Missing persons; Bosniak victims; 1992-1995; War in Bosnia and Herzegovina; Milorad Živković; Milun Kornjača; Stevo Jovanović;
Summary/Abstract: The book “War Crimes in Čajniče – Verdicts” documents the verdicts of the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina for crimes committed against civilians in Čajniče and its surroundings. The Court has sentenced Milorad Živković, Milun Kornjača, Milosav Jovanović, Marijan Jovanović and Slavko Jovanović to six to eleven years in prison. Duško Tadić and Stevo Jovanović were acquitted. In 2015, the State Court confirmed the indictment against Duško Kornjača, charging him with the criminal offense of crimes against humanity, but he is inaccessible to the judicial authorities. According to the Institute for Missing Persons of Bosnia and Herzegovina, a total of 138 missing persons were reported in the area of Čajniče. To date, 90 victims have been found and identified. So far, the remains of 68 exhumed men and 22 women have been handed over to their families. The fate of another 48 people from Čajniče, who are still being searched for 18 years after the horrific crimes, is completely unknown. The largest grave with the bodies of Bosniaks from Čajniče was found in Mostina, from which the remains of 18 victims were exhumed in September 2002. The youngest victim in this mass grave was Zlatko Bukva. He was only 19 at the time he was killed. In addition to this, six more mass graves were found in Mostina, from which the bodies of a total of 60 victims were exhumed.

  • E-ISBN-13: 978-9926-8466-4-0
  • Page Count: 560
  • Publication Year: 2021
  • Language: Bosnian