Bosniak oral lyrical poetry: cultural-historical frameworks of the genesis and poetic classifications Cover Image

Bošnjačka usmena lirika: kulturnohistorijski okviri geneze i poetička obilježja
Bosniak oral lyrical poetry: cultural-historical frameworks of the genesis and poetic classifications

Author(s): Nirha Efendić
Subject(s): Comparative Study of Literature, Bosnian Literature, Croatian Literature, Montenegrine Literature, Serbian Literature, South Slavic Languages, Cultural Anthropology / Ethnology, Theory of Literature
Published by: Slavistički komitet BiH
Keywords: oral lyrical poetry; Bosnian language; Montenegrin language; Croatian language; Serbian language;
Summary/Abstract: Owing to the fact that there are thousands of written, audio and video recordings of oral lyrical poetry of South Slavic peoples – Bosniaks, Montenegrins,Croats and Serbs – whose connection on lingual and literary levels are undeniable, it was possible to approach the task of a comprehensive theoretical classification of Bosniak oral lyrical poetry in its various forms of expression The life in a relatively small area in the southeastern Balkans where these peoples have lived with or along each other over ,many centuries– regardless of the shifting borders that divided them in some periods or different state and political frameworks in which they lived and acted,sometimes even as military opponents – led to diverse and vibrant everyday encounters which had a significant impact on shapes of folkloric melodic and poetic creations whose theoretical classification is the subject of this book The issues of the common and shared aspects in South Slavic poetry,i e poetic and differential features, have not been given the deserved attention in the existing works dedicated to these topics The common features at the thematic and motif level in oral literature are visible and have been observed to some extent in terms of literature history in works of the authors who studied the poetic heritage over past several decades. However, we lack approaches which would, in a comprehensive manner,classify certain lyrical occurrences, whereby we must note that – when it comes to Bosniak oral lyrical poetry – a lot has been achieved in theoretical classification of sevdalinka love song, and as of lately lullabies too There is a unanimous opinion in the relatively rich literature on sevdalinka that local features make out the difference between sevdalinka songs and lyricallove songs of the neighboring traditions In order to fully understand this, we must focus our attention on the fact that local features, i e the way in which the poet’s reality is described in the oral poem, also represent the differential feature of ”transitional forms” of ballads and romances, which has been explained comprehensively in the existing literature,

  • Print-ISBN-13: 978-9958-648-12-0
  • Page Count: 212
  • Publication Year: 2015
  • Language: Bosnian