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Nasilje putem interneta - Cyberbullying
Internet Violence - Cyberbullying

Author(s): Ružica Stojanović, Nebojša Macanović
Subject(s): Communication studies, Studies in violence and power, ICT Information and Communications Technologies
Keywords: internet violence; cyberbullying;
Summary/Abstract: The scientific monograph entitled "Internet Violence - Cyberbullying " gives a perception of a new and increasing form of violence among young people -cyberbullying. Internet violence is a growing problem among the young, but also older population. In this scientific monograph, in addition to the theoretical concept, in which we presented how and why cyberbullying occurs, we presented an interesting study that confirms our assumptions about the growing presence of digital violence in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In our research, we relied on students and school as a place where these problems are often identified among young people.The subject of the research includes identifying the presence and forms of cyberbullying among high school students in the municipality of Modriča, as well as researching the relationship between the manner of cyberbullying and educational and demographic characteristics of students who participated in this research. In accordance with the set hypotheses and research tasks, the sample included 343students, both male and female, from the High School Center "Jovan Cvijić"in the municipality of Modriča. The results of the research we presented in this paper show that cyberbullying is present among students, and that all forms of cyberbullying are present. Students were more likely to be victims than to abuse others. The victims of cyberbullying were more often boys. Cyberbullying is most present among first grade high school students, then among students with better school performance, as well as among students living in the city. Also, the results of the research tell us that the prevention of this problem is poorly developed inhigh schools in the municipality of Modriča. Based on the data we presented in this scientific monograph, we tried to point out the fact that at any moment today we are in danger of becoming a target of cyber bullies, not only children and youth, but also the adult population. But we are witnessing that children and young people are the most accessible targetand the most vulnerable part of the population in this field. Today, children and young people grow up with smartphones and social networks and they are an integral part of their daily lives, but we must be aware that they will become both an inevitable and growing companion of their growing up. That is why it is necessary to understand the real risks and problems that cyberbullying brings and to protect young people, but also the adult population. It is unacceptable to ignore this problem, it is necessary to develop more trust in services and institutions that can help us, and to develop mechanisms to reduce the problem of cyber violence.With this research, we wanted to encourage others to deal with the problem of cyber violence in their local communities, which can contribute to the development of programs to prevent and combat this problem at the local level.This scientific monograph provides clear guidelines, but also a good scientific basis for further development of action research that will address this problem,especially the development of prevention programs and effective strategies in the actions against cyberbullying at the government institution level.

  • Print-ISBN-13: 978-99976-934-6-4
  • Page Count: 174
  • Publication Year: 2022
  • Language: Serbian