Halychyna in ethnopolitical dimension Cover Image

Галичина в етнополітичному вимірі
Halychyna in ethnopolitical dimension

Author(s): V. O. Kotygorenko, V. A. Voynalovič, O. Ya. Kalakura, L. L. Kovač, V. V. Kotsur, N. I. Kochan, O. O. Lyashenko, N. Yu. Makarenko, Yu. O. Nikolayets
Subject(s): Civil Society, Post-War period (1950 - 1989), History of Communism, Politics and Identity
Published by: Інститут політичних і етнонаціональних досліджень ім. І. Ф. Кураса НАН України
Summary/Abstract: The results of the analysis of ethno-political processes in Halychyna after World War II are represented in the book in the context of the mainstream of social changes under the Soviet Communist regime and in independent Ukraine. The link between political and ethnical factors is analysed on the bases of demographical shifts in the structure of population of Ivano-Frankivs’k, Lviv and Ternopil administrative regions, as well as socio-professional stratification of the local population, its linguistic, cultural and religious advantages, specific features of regional identity, electoral etc. social behaviour.

  • Print-ISBN-13: 978-966-02-8312-1
  • Page Count: 840
  • Publication Year: 2017
  • Language: Ukrainian