DOSSIER: Forced mobilization of refugees Cover Image

DOSIJE: Prisilna mobilizacija izbeglica
DOSSIER: Forced mobilization of refugees

Author(s): Jovana Kolarić
Contributor(s): Ivana Žanić (Editor), Predrag Ivanović (Editor)
Subject(s): Military policy, Post-Communist Transformation, Peace and Conflict Studies, Wars in Jugoslavia
Published by: Fond za humanitarno pravo
Keywords: Refugees; War in ex-Yugoslavia; Humanitarian law; forced mobilization; violation of the human rights in Serbia; International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia;
Summary/Abstract: The dossier "Forced Mobilization of Refugees" is the twelfth file of the Humanitarian Law Center (HLC), which aims to provide the public with evidence of systematic and widespread violations of human rights of refugees in Serbia. The dossier is based on more than 500 statements of forcibly mobilized refugees given to HLC researchers during 1997 and 1998 and members of the families of refugees who died or disappeared after being sent to the area of armed conflict; court documents from more than 120 litigation before the courts in Serbia for damages, in which the HLC represented forcibly mobilized refugees or their families; evidence presented before the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (ICTY), as well as documents obtained by the HLC from the Serbian Ministry of the Interior under the Law on Free Access to Information of Public Importance. The Dossier also used HLC reports on the forced mobilization of refugees published in the 1990s, reports from other domestic and international human rights organizations, as well as media reports.

  • Print-ISBN-13: 978-86-7932-104-6
  • Page Count: 54
  • Publication Year: 2019
  • Language: Serbian