DOSSIER: Reka Opertion. Cover Image

DOSIJE: Operacija Reka.
DOSSIER: Reka Opertion.

Contributor(s): Sandra Orlović (Editor), Predrag Ivanović (Editor)
Subject(s): Law and Transitional Justice, Peace and Conflict Studies, Wars in Jugoslavia
Published by: Fond za humanitarno pravo
Keywords: Reka; Kosova war; mass grave;CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY;International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia;crimes against civilians;Kosovo;
Summary/Abstract: On 27 and 28 April 1999, a large-scale joint operation by the Yugoslav Army (VJ) and the Ministry of the Interior (MUP) called »Operation Reka« was conducted in villages west of the town of Gjakova in Kosovo. During the operation, Serb forces killed at least 350 Kosovo Albanian civilians and expelled several thousand to Albania. The bodies of 309 killed were found in 2001 in secret mass graves on the outskirts of Belgrade. The attack by Serb forces on the civilian population in the Reka Valley is the most serious crime committed against civilians during the Kosovo war and one of the largest in the wars in the former Yugoslavia in the 1990s. The dossier points in more detail to the evidence on the role of Momir Stojanović, the current member of the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia and the chairman of the parliamentary Committee for the Control of Security Services, in Operation Reka. In March 2015, Interpol issued a warrant for Stojanović and 16 other people, at the request of the United Nations Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK), for crimes committed in this operation.

  • Print-ISBN-13: 978-86-7932-064-3
  • Page Count: 59
  • Publication Year: 2015
  • Language: Serbian