DOSSIER: JNA in the wars in Croatia and BiH Cover Image

DOSIJE: JNA u ratovima u Hrvatskoj i BiH
DOSSIER: JNA in the wars in Croatia and BiH

Author(s): Jovana Kolarić
Contributor(s): Ivana Žanić (Editor)
Subject(s): Law and Transitional Justice, Peace and Conflict Studies, Wars in Jugoslavia
Published by: Fond za humanitarno pravo
Keywords: Yugoslav National Army; Yugoslav wars;War in Bosna and Herzegovina;War in Croatia;war crimes in Yugoslavia;civilian victims;
Summary/Abstract: The topic of the 10th Dossier of the Humanitarian Law Center (HLC) is the role of the Yugoslav People's Army (JNA) in the wars in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) and its transformation from a Yugoslav to a Serbian army. This is the largest HLC file to date, covering the period from the late 1980s until May 1992 and deals with the preparation of the JNA and political structures of SFRY and Serbia for wars, as well as the JNA's participation in conflicts and its contribution to the realization of war goals of the leadership of the Republic of Serbia, the Republic of Serbian Krajina and the Republic of Srpska. The Dossier lists and describes in detail examples of military actions from 1991 in which the JNA committed war crimes or prepared the ground for them to be committed by Serb units with which it worked together. Evidence was presented based on documents and witness statements about indiscriminate shelling of Croatian cities (Dubrovnik, Vukovar, Zadar, Šibenik) and attacks on Croatian territories claimed by the Serbian military, during which numerous crimes were committed against Croatian and other non-Serb civilians. occupied territory ethnically cleansed. That part of the Dossier also contains information on places of detention in Croatia and Serbia under the control of the JNA, where crimes against arrested Croats were committed.

  • Print-ISBN-13: 978-86-7932-090-2
  • Page Count: 99
  • Publication Year: 2018
  • Language: Serbian