The significance of the Ottoman cadastral lists (defters) in the Archives of Tuzla Canton for the study of Bosnian history Cover Image
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Značaj osmanskih katastarskih popisa (deftera) u Arhivu Tuzlanskog kantona za izučavanje bosanskohercegovačke prošlosti
The significance of the Ottoman cadastral lists (defters) in the Archives of Tuzla Canton for the study of Bosnian history

Author(s): Izet Šabotić
Subject(s): Museology & Heritage Studies
Published by: Arhivističko udruženje Bosne i Hercegovine AUBiH
Keywords: Defteri; katastarski popisi; Osmansko carstvo; Bosanski ejalet; Orijentalna zbirka; historijski izvori; Bosna i Hercegovina; Arhiv Tuzlanskog kantona i dr.

Summary/Abstract: The archives and other institutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina guard important archival material of oriental, Ottoman provenance. A significant portion of these types of historical sources were destroyed during the aggression on Bosnia and Herzegovina (1992 to 1995). In this area the greatest loss of archival material was sustained by the Oriental Institute in Sarajevo, with more than a hundred thousand of the original documents destroyed. Today, the most valuable holdings of this origin are located in several archives in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Especially valuable oriental collections are located in the Historical Archive of Sarajevo (14,000 documents), a collection of “Acta turcarum» in the Archive Mostar with 1,116 documents and 754 catalog entries and Oriental Collection in the Archive of Tuzla Canton with 5,500 documents and dozens of manuscripts. This is a rather small number of documents, but very valuable historical sources of the utmost importance for the reconstruction of events from the period of Ottoman rule in Bosnia and Herzegovina (1463 to 1878). Among these documents special place is reserved for defteri and cadastral lists of mulk goods for community and individuals. Archives of Tuzla Canton have several dozen books of cadastral lists, a number of these valuable resources have been translated from the original language, old Turkish to Bosnian and these historical sources woven into publications that treat historical problems of this period of Bosnian history. But more use of these sources in historical and other scientific purposes prevented the poor knowledge of the letter were written defteri - cadastral records. But even so, defteri - cadastral lists in the Archive of Tuzla Canton are a valuable historical sources from the period of the last decades of the Ottoman period in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and are particularly important for the study of this part of the history of the Northeastern Bosnia. Historical facts contained in defters - cadastral survey were the subject of investigations of a number of researchers, during which they created an interesting historiographical works of local and national origin. A significant contribution to this was given by Archives of Tuzla Canton translating a number of cadastral list. In recent years this work has significantly increased, resulting in the realization of two important projects which helped the historical reconstruction and a better understanding of the past related to the period of Ottoman rule in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Tuzla area. These results will be much better if they continue with the implementation of major projects, translating cadastral list.

  • Issue Year: 2012
  • Issue No: 42
  • Page Range: 128-139
  • Page Count: 12
  • Language: Bosnian