Répertoire des voïévodes de la Transylvanie (1458-1526). Mises à jour et précisions Cover Image
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Arhondologia voievozilor Transilvaniei (1458-1526). Completări şi precizări
Répertoire des voïévodes de la Transylvanie (1458-1526). Mises à jour et précisions

Author(s): András Kovács
Subject(s): History
Published by: Institutul de Istorie Nicolae Iorga
Keywords: Transylvania; voivode; vice-voivode; comes; Szeklers; archontology

Summary/Abstract: The voivodes of Transylvania were high dignitaries appointed by the kings of Hungary to the head of the province in the Middle Ages. For the period 1458–1526 no complete archontologies exist referring to the voivodes of Transylvania and their deputies, the vice-voivodes. The most important sources of the hereby published list are the documents issued by the voivodes and vicevoivodes themselves as well as the lists of dignitaries included at the end of the charters of royal grants. The exact date of appointments (and withdrawals) are usually not known because in medieval Hungary such appointments were made orally, and only occasionally were documents issued to notify those concerned about the changes effected and order loyalty towards the new official. From 1463 on, the voivodes of Transylvania also held the office of comes of the Szeklers; only two exceptions can be recorded: an official different from the voivode was appointed for this latter office in 1467, for a short period, and then again between 1504 and 1507. In a few cases, however, even after 1463, we can find that the person of the vice-comes of the Szeklers was not identical with the vice-voivode. Such vice-comites are included in this present list. Besides the names, the intervals of office-holdings and the date of the quoted sources the present archontology contains data referring to any simultaneous office-holding of a dignitary.

  • Issue Year: 2012
  • Issue No: XXX
  • Page Range: 223-256
  • Page Count: 33
  • Language: Romanian
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