Postcolonialism as Research Perspective in International Relations Science Cover Image

Postkolonializm jako perspektywa badawcza w nauce o stosunkach międzynarodowych
Postcolonialism as Research Perspective in International Relations Science

Author(s): Marcin Florian Gawrycki
Subject(s): Politics / Political Sciences
Published by: Wydawnictwa Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego
Keywords: teorie stosunków międzynarodowych; postkolonializm; international relations theories; postcolonialism

Summary/Abstract: The article discusses the issue of using the postcolonial concept as a research perspective in the international relations science. The author assumes that traditional concepts are of Eurocentric nature. He recalls Hedley Bull’s question which is fundamental in this regard: if available theories are almost entirely of Western origin and perspective, are they able to convey the right understanding of the world political system, which is mainly non-Western? This question brings into focus the deliberations on the condition of the international relations studies. The author considers the reasons of „inborn” Eurocentrism of the international relations studies; he presents a short postcolonial school perspective, then he examines possibilities of its adaptation for research on international relations. He looks closer at such categories as representation of the so-called Third World, development, state, race, gender, hybridization or international law. In conclusion, he presents one more time the most important objections of the postcolonial school, which it formulates towards the main international relations theories and submits his recommendations.

  • Issue Year: 47/2013
  • Issue No: 1
  • Page Range: 35-54
  • Page Count: 1
  • Language: Polish