Quality of environmental expenditures on air pollution mitigation Cover Image

Calitatea efectuării cheltuielilor pentru combaterea poluării aerului
Quality of environmental expenditures on air pollution mitigation

Author(s): Dumitru-Dănuţ Mercan, Maria-Isabela Cristescu
Subject(s): Energy and Environmental Studies
Published by: EDITURA ASE
Keywords: environmental costs; carbon dioxide; Romania; quality; pollution;

Summary/Abstract: Given the air quality that is not at all high in many urban areas in Romania, monitoring the quality with which environmental protection expenditures are made is essential, along with assessing this quality. In this context, the current research illustrates the evolution of expenditures made at the level of public administration and at the level of private economic agents aiming at increasing the air quality in Romania and reducing the emissions from the atmosphere, as well as, for example, carbon dioxide emissions. The assessment of the quality of these expenses is appreciated as a result of monitoring the amount of harmful elements that are present in the Romanian air. Also, the parallel evolution of the two indicators specified above is presented and appreciated, thus making possible an objective, clear and complete assessment.