Bibliometric analysis of the COVID-19 virus Cover Image

Analiză bibliometrică cu privire la virusul COVID-19
Bibliometric analysis of the COVID-19 virus

Author(s): Dumitru-Dănuţ Mercan, Maria-Isabela Cristescu
Subject(s): Bibliography
Published by: EDITURA ASE
Keywords: COVID-19; VOSviewer; Scopus; quantitative analysis; Romania;

Summary/Abstract: The Asian virus COVID-19 has spread rapidly worldwide, in this context being quickly transferred to the status of a global problem, thus making this topic of interest to all fields of activity in the field of research. This paperpresents the "quantity" in which this topic "COVID-19" was addressed in the literature, being subsequently published in the Scopus platform, making a specific analysis at the national level of Romania. The analysis was performed using a specialized platform, the one mentioned above, together with a special software created by its developer to create density maps and to illustrate the bibliographic links that are established between them. The analysis has some complexity and integrity, being presented the quantitative analysis at many levels of exposure, such as: analysis of works at national level, analysis of works at author level or analysis of works at sponsor level of the work. Prior to the analysis, 2 hypotheses were set regarding the quantitative evolution of the works of interest, which were tested and verified through this paper.