Assessment of the restorator in the context of certification and assignment of qualification categories Cover Image

Оцінка художника-реставратора у контексті атестації та присвоєння кваліфікаційних категорій
Assessment of the restorator in the context of certification and assignment of qualification categories

Author(s): Victor Karpov
Subject(s): Education, Museology & Heritage Studies, Visual Arts, Preservation, Sociology of Art
Published by: Національна академія керівних кадрів культури і мистецтв
Keywords: attestation; artist; restorer; Commission for attestation of artists-restorers; development of conservation and restoration practice; training of specialists; cultural heritage;

Summary/Abstract: The purpose of the article is to highlight the essence of the current process of certification in independent Ukraine and the assignment of qualification categories to artists-restorers. Methodology. The choice of research strategies in revealing the purpose of the study determined the application of systematic and integrated approaches, as well as historical-chronological and comparative methods. The use of these research methods contributed to obtaining their own results. The scientific novelty of the obtained results lies in the formulation and development of a topical topic, which in the scientific dimension has not received comprehensive and objective coverage and is being studied for the first time. The results of understanding the essence of the certification process and assigning qualification categories to artists-restorers can serve as an important component in the study of modern problems of art education and strategy of the policy of preservation and development of cultural heritage. Conclusions. In Ukraine, there are some elements of training and certification of artists-restorers, which are not combined with common approaches and principles. Training of specialists in the restoration of cultural values in higher education institutions is not accompanied by continued training during the practical activities of the restorer. The activities of the Commission for Certification of Artists-Restorers are not based on the achievements in this field in education, science, and technology. The legal basis of the commission's activity is outdated, contradicts the regulations of the central government in the field of culture, does not take into account international experience and needs a radical revision based on the latest approaches, which include practical and educational components of the unified system.