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Causes contributing to the decrease of fertility in contemporary families
Causes contributing to the decrease of fertility in contemporary families

Author(s): Maria Cojocaru, Lavinia Popp
Subject(s): Social Sciences
Published by: Centrul de Studiere a Populaţiei
Keywords: family planning; moral crisis; debauchery; abortion; birth; living standards

Summary/Abstract: In the present epoch, when the biologisant ethics proclaim the liberalisation of the pleasure instincts, abortion is regarded with indifference, and the pro-abortion trend has an increasingly defined position in the world. The notion of “voluntary maternity” appeared in the first half of the 20th Century and that of “family planning” after 1960, creating thus a hiatus between sexuality and procreation. And consequently a contradiction appears in the human rights protection: whereas efforts are being made to abolish the death penalty, through the acceptance of abortion the right to life is being crushed. Abortion is determined by a multitude of economic causes, by the lack of jobs triggering the decrease of the family’s living standard. At the opposed pole there are the families leading a very comfortable life who are reluctant to take the responsibility of having children and taking care of them. Family planning is determined by the effort supported by certain rich families in the direction of children’s professional and material affirmation in the future. Another cause of abortion is represented by the moral crisis of dismembered families, turning children into victims. Debauchery also constitutes a factor contributing to the drop of the procreation acts. Birth rate’s increase and decrease depend on the demographic orientations of different states. Abortion is frequent among young women, teenagers without orientation and decision for family life. There are special situations when pregnancy creates psychic stress to the mother, endangering her life, and thus abortion surgery is imperative. More than often the physician has to choose between saving the mother or the child. As the “soldier dies in the battle trenches, the mother should die in the trenches of maternity…”, affirms the voice of Roman-Catholic Christians who have adopted an intransigent position, claiming that in the case of the choice between saving the mother’s or the child’s life, one should decide in favour of the child. The subsequent discussions have changed the situation in the mother’s favour, on the ground that the woman constitutes the basic element of the family. The medical practice proved the contrary of the Roman-Catholic conception.

  • Issue Year: 3/2009
  • Issue No: Supplement
  • Page Range: 381-394
  • Page Count: 13
  • Language: English