Miasto jako organizm przyjazny człowiekowi Cover Image

Miasto jako organizm przyjazny człowiekowi
Miasto jako organizm przyjazny człowiekowi

Author(s): Aleksandra Prokopska, Anna Martyka
Subject(s): Social Sciences, Fine Arts / Performing Arts, Architecture, Geography, Regional studies, Applied Geography, Sociology
Published by: Biblioteka Politechniki Lubelskiej
Keywords: friendly city; structure; urban fabric; public space

Summary/Abstract: The phenomenon of a city rest upon the fact that it is a multi-layered structure. When we take into consideration European city, we have its specific fabric in front of our eyes – its arrangement of buildings, streets and squares. Distinctive border between private area and public one, interaction between buildings which are always open to communal area- all these things create unique atmosphere of perfectly designed structure. Camillo Sitte perceived a city as the work of art. He claimed that the art of the city development rests upon artistic competence of framing such elements as squares, streets and buildings. Gordon Cullen, who in his delineations expressed artistic advantage of urban landscape, stated that the art of architecture is all about searching for individual components. Cities should be both attractive and human-friendly. In public urban areas individuals can indulge their aspirations and needs connected with physical and mental comfort. What is more, presence among other people gives a man invaluable chance to establish different social contacts, and also guarantees sense of acceptance and safety. City means not only the specific structure but mainly the people and their needs changing in time. To answer inhabitants’ needs it is crucial to treat city organism as a system of complicated urban and structural setups, which are human-friendly. The knowledge of designing, including designing methodology and related to this bottom-up knowledge can help in solving the problems with special arrangement of the contemporary cities. It is crucial then to remember that cities should function as perfectly-designed body.

  • Issue Year: 16/2017
  • Issue No: 1
  • Page Range: 165-174
  • Page Count: 10
  • Language: Polish