Sociological and pedagogical problems of globoeducation Cover Image

Socjologiczne i pedagogiczne problemy globoedukacji
Sociological and pedagogical problems of globoeducation

Author(s): Robert B. Woźniak
Subject(s): Sociology, Globalization
Published by: Wydawnictwo OR TWP w Szczecinie
Keywords: globalization; globoeducation; levels and forms

Summary/Abstract: The main goal of the article is to show problems around the concept of globalization and globoeducation as well as education dilemmas. It is important for education issues to be familiar both from the past and to see it in the present and to think about the future, that this vision should accompany all forms of globoeducation and social life. The wider theoretical opening has opened the model of globo education and glo boeducation of Robert Woźniak, introduced to schools and other institutions (eg to private and public schools and kindergartens). Currently, the educational sys tem has problems with subjectivity, as well as globalization, manipulation and neoliberalization, as well as compatibility phenomena of local and European ed ucational systems (knowledge of languages, operation of electronic devices, communication and others). These problems will be absorbed by the education's globality, or give a new position. Virtuality becomes not only a category, it is also hyper actual in a specific place, school or laboratory, constituting an unprecedented leap of civilization. The times of breakthrough determine the new school model, increase its functions and responsibility. Contemporary school becomes an instrument of empowerment, humanization, creativity and democracy. In the presented article, I present the thesis concerning the area of educations. The first concerns broadly understood globalization processes carrying alongside the benefits of limitation and danger. The second one presents the chances of school education in the conditions of neoliberalization. The third part deals with the di lemmas of the subject of education, which approximates the multidimensionality of globalization processes to homogenize the world.

  • Issue Year: 2019
  • Issue No: 2
  • Page Range: 7-26
  • Page Count: 20
  • Language: English, Polish