Kristin Linklater System and its Role in the Development of the Technique of Pop Vocal Cover Image

Система Крістін Лінклейтер та її роль у розвитку техніки естрадного вокалу
Kristin Linklater System and its Role in the Development of the Technique of Pop Vocal

Author(s): Alla Borisivna Popova
Subject(s): Education, Music, Methodology and research technology
Published by: Національна академія керівних кадрів культури і мистецтв
Keywords: pop vocal; techniques of pop vocal; Kristine Linklater; development of voice and inhale; vocal orthoepy;

Summary/Abstract: The purpose of the article. The research provides for the analysis of the technique of pop vocal under the Kristine Linklater system, taking into account the role of this technique in making voice and further developing the performance of the pop singer. The methodology of research is based on the development by K. Linklater and L. Romanova, who combine aspects of musicology, pedagogy and cultural studies. Scientific novelty of the article proceeds from the fact that most techniques of the development of the technique of pop performance are concentrated on work with the exercises, the main purpose of which is to train the muscles in order for the vocalist to master his voice. But the technique K. Linklater suggests to pay attention to the artist's thinking, as well as the delineation of the emotional and rational side of the pop vocal because the contradictions between technical and emotional singing have already become classics. The first version is attributed to rational singing by the researcher. Conclusions. Mastering the skill of pop performance is a difficult task that is often not adequately evaluated. Because of this, we can state the shortage of highly skilled vocalists. The technique of the pop-singers is based on the combination of elements of actor's and vocal skills. Also important is the requirement of the availability of works for the perception of the general public, which involves a high level of mastering orthoepyc nuances, work on diction and other features of the stage language. Scottish vocal coach Kristine Linklater, in particular, proposes to use the complex of techniques developed by him and in the development of the technique of pop vocal. The researcher stresses the existence of a number of negative factors that need to be overcome to successfully master the specifics of pop performance. Among the main ideas of her technique: the purpose of muscle relaxation, the work with voice communications and muscles involved in the sound production process, the training of emotion control and clarity of thinking the singer, without which, according to K. Linklater, the development of technology is impossible for singer.