Scenography of modern Ukrainian musical theater (V.Troitskyi’s opera "Coriolanus") Cover Image

Scenography of modern Ukrainian musical theater (V.Troitskyi’s opera "Coriolanus")

Author(s): Alla Borisivna Popova
Subject(s): Theatre, Dance, Performing Arts, Music, Visual Arts, Ethnohistory, Cultural Anthropology / Ethnology
Published by: Національна академія керівних кадрів культури і мистецтв
Keywords: new opera; set design; polystylistics; theater; "Coriolanus";

Summary/Abstract: The article investigates the features of the scenography of modern Ukrainian musical theater on example of V.Troitskyi’s opera "Coriolanus". The main means of creating a unified and coherent image are reviewed. Music polystylistics combines into a single unit thanks to the workshop scenography: sets, costumes, make-up. Incarnation of the leading ideas of the European theater art background collage of musical genres leading XX century create a unique and interesting phenomenon in Ukrainian cultural and artistic space.One of the most important musical genres in the history of music is opera. Its appearance was prepared by the development of the theater. The first origins can be seen even in the ancient Greek tragedies and ancient Egyptian mysteries. Actually after its approval, Italian drama per musica, which had appeared in the XVI century, eventually spread throughout Europe. This future Italian opera represented the combination of music, poetry, drama and theatrical art.At the beginning of the XXI century we can see the new modification of the genre – "new opera". In today's culture it is a very popular genre in the world that demonstrates the essence of the modern era. Opening kind of ancient Greek tragedy was a "new opera" directed by Vladyslav Troyiytskyi’s "Coriolanus". Availability of the polystylistics as the basis of musical language in the formulation V.Troyitskyi’s "Coriolanus" creates a situation where it plays an integrative function of scenography.Actually scenography in the XX century is characterized by certain trends that were clearly expressed by V.Meyyerhold in 1920. Vanguard direction and a new technique of acting required breaking of old decorative systems.Opera or rather "new opera" V.Troyitskyi’s "Coriolanus" is an interesting and groundbreaking phenomenon in Ukrainian art space. The story of the ancient biographies, which masterfully embodied in W. Shakespeare’s tragedy was the basis for the work, which is very important and organically sounded in the XXI century. An important formative role in this opera is played the scenography. It helps reveal the originality of images of the main characters, creates the right mood and emotional exercises integrating function with respect to polystylistics musical component. This event has become an important step in the development of modern Ukrainian music theater and can serve as a model for the future functioning of the synthetic genre.