Contemporary demolological beliefs and legends in the area of Široki Brijeg Cover Image
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Suvremeni zapisi demonoloških predaja i vjerovanja na području Širokog Brijega
Contemporary demolological beliefs and legends in the area of Široki Brijeg

Author(s): Ivana Marinović
Subject(s): Cultural history, Regional Geography, Oral history
Published by: Franjevačka teologija Sarajevo
Keywords: oral literature; demonological teachings; beliefs; motives; superstition;

Summary/Abstract: The paper analyses demonological legends collected during the field-research work from 2010 to 2019 in the area of Široki Brijeg. A whole list of creatures, such as witches, moras, plagues, werewolves, and others, appear in records deeply integrated into the folk memory. Special attention is paid to terminology related to mythological and demonological legends, especially having in mind that the relationship between the term mythological and demonological changed over the years. The basic distinctive role in the classification of mythological and demonological legends is created on the basis of the main protagonists/ antagonists. In this case demonological beings having supernatural abilities, but always, according to the beliefs of the people, do evil things. There is also a visible link between demonological traditions and fairy tales. Both deal with imaginary and real beings, both make connection between the real and the surreal, but the essential difference lies in the fact that demonological beings are the main characters of legends that are determined by the belief in the truth of their content, unlike fairy tales.

  • Issue Year: 2019
  • Issue No: 51
  • Page Range: 193-220
  • Page Count: 28
  • Language: Croatian