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Четене, слухова преработка и свързани фактори
Reading, auditory processing and associated factors

Author(s): Katerina Shtereva
Subject(s): Social Sciences, Psychology
Published by: Институт за изследване на населението и човека - Българска академия на науките
Keywords: Auditory Processing; Decoding; Reading Comprehension; Phonological Awareness; Rapid Serial Naming; Vocabulary.

Summary/Abstract: Background: A number of authors argue that the ability of auditory processing is associated with reading, speech and phonological awareness, whereas difficulties in this capacity, in turn, lead to difficulties in language development and literacy. The aim of this study is to establish correlations between auditory processing skills and the ability to decode words, reading comprehension and related factors in children in second grade at a Bulgarian school. Methods: 56 children from second grade at a Bulgarian school are studied. Children are examined by: Test of Auditory and Visual Skills (TAVS); Test of Rapid Automatic Naming (RAN - objects and letters); Phonological Awareness - manipulation and rhyme; Decoding words and pseudo-words; Vocabulary - picture; Reading comprehension text, in order to establish dependencies and relations. Results: This study demonstrated that the auditory processing ability is most strongly correlated with phonological awareness, reading speed and decoding. Strong statistical correlation between the Auditory Temporal Order with phonological awareness and the reading speed was noted; and moderate correlation between Auditory Temporal Order and the decoding of words and pseudo-words was observed, too. Sensitivity of Auditory Fusion Threshold is significantly correlated with phonological awareness and moderately correlated with the speed of reading and reading comprehension. Auditory motor skills are moderately correlated with vocabulary and reading speed. Conclusion: In terms of future research, it is important to look for beneficial effects of musical education and training in auditory processing, which is proved to expand the language skills and improve the children’s and students’ ability to read.

  • Issue Year: 22/2019
  • Issue No: 1
  • Page Range: 284-298
  • Page Count: 15
  • Language: Bulgarian