Crime of genocide. The mass grave from Popricani – a legal study Cover Image
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Infracțiunea de genocid. Groapa comună de la Popricani – studiu juridic
Crime of genocide. The mass grave from Popricani – a legal study

Author(s): Irinel Rotariu
Subject(s): Law, Constitution, Jurisprudence, Civil Law
Published by: Universul Juridic
Keywords: genocide; mass grave; on-site investigation; expertise; technical-scientific expertise;

Summary/Abstract: The investigation of the mass grave from Popricani was an unprecedented challenge for the military prosecutors within the Iași Military Prosecutor's Office and this challenge was based on the number of victims, the particularities of the on-site investigation and the concrete manner of organizing the investigations. The tasks that the military prosecutors had to accomplish during the investigation were not easy and they were fulfilled by a lot of work, passion and knowledge, all for the duty of establishing the truth. In this study, the author describes, in the most accessible way, the history of the case, the on-site investigation, the gathering and administration of the evidence and the conclusions that have resulted from their analysis, so that the reader observe a complete picture of the facts.

  • Issue Year: 2019
  • Issue No: 2-3
  • Page Range: 116-148
  • Page Count: 33
  • Language: Romanian